Pilgrim Fathers in America

Arriving in America

After anchoring here, a small group of Pilgrims went ashore to explore the area, looking for a safe place to find shelter. The men on board the ship created and signed The Mayflower Compact, to ensure they lived by order and peace. This was later claimed to be the basis for the American Constitution that modern America is founded upon.

After much exploration, the Pilgrims finally left the Mayflower to establish their colony, which was named Plymouth. Over time the colony expanded. The story of the Pilgrims became important as an origin story for the United States of America. Today, the Plymouth Colony is known as Plymouth in the state of Massachusetts.

It was difficult in this new land; the winter was cold and many of the pilgrims did not survive. During March 1620, an English speaking Native American named Samoset, entered the grounds of the Plymouth colony and introduced himself.

Relationships developed over time; the Pilgrims were introduced to Squanto of the Wampanoag, Native American people who lived on the land long before the Pilgrims had settled.

The Wampanoag taught the Pilgrims how to hunt and grow crops, and they began trading furs with each other. A year later in autumn 1621, the colonists celebrated a successful and bountiful harvest in a three day festival of prayer with the Wampanoag; this has become known as the first Thanksgiving.