Mayflower voyage

The Voyage of the Mayflower

Setting sail in July 1620 from Delfshaven, Holland on a small old ship called the Speedwell, the Pilgrims headed for Southampton, where they would meet with the Mayflower and other Pilgrims. On the 15th Aug 1620 they embarked on their journey in convoy across the seas.

Due to the Speedwell leaking, the ships stopped in Dartmouth, 23rd August 1620, for repairs. After a second attempt at departure, the ships were forced to stop in Plymouth as the Speedwell was an old vessel and continued to severely leak.

It was decided that everyone would continue to sail on one ship, the Mayflower. Not all Pilgrims joined, some stayed in Plymouth, whilst others continued onwards. The Mayflower left Plymouth on the 16th September 1620 with 102 people on board.

It was crowded on the ship, many endured starvation and terrible living conditions. The winter storms blew the ship off course and instead of New Virginia, the ship landed in Cape Cod, on the East Coast of America, on 21st November 1620 just over two months after they set sail.